5 Tips to Surviving Kitchen Renovations

kitchen rennovation

Are you in the middle of remodeling your kitchen? Or, are you gearing up to start the renovation process and want to make sure that you’re not left in disarray while your kitchen is being torn apart? If you’re remodeling your kitchen, there are some inconveniences that you just can’t avoid. 

However, you can save yourself some headache and follow the following five tips for setting up a temporary kitchen during the renovation process! 

Tips for Setting Up A Temporary Kitchen During Renovations 

  1. Pack Up All Unnecessary Items

When your kitchen goes under construction, you’ll need to pack up and remove almost every item in your kitchen. It’s important that during this process, you create a distinction between what you’ll actually use during this time. Yes, you may want to keep your toaster handy, no you probably won’t be using that bread maker. It’s also important to know that there are going to be tradesmen and construction workers moving in and out of your home, so you want to give them space to work!


  1. Carve Out Extra Space

Choose a space in your home to use as a temporary hub for all of your kitchen needs. This may be in a spare bedroom, basement, or even a corner in your living room. This space should hold all of your “need to get” items such as plates, cups, and coffee maker. Don’t want to be running back and forth to your kitchen during construction? Ask your contractor to move the existing kitchen refrigerator and microwave into the temporary kitchen space during the project.


  1. Decide On Food Storage

While your kitchen is under construction, you’ll need to find a place to store all of your food. Consider utilizing bins and milk crates and storing your dry goods in a spot that’s easy to get to, but that won’t be in your way. Now is also a great time to check expiration dates and throw some food away!


  1. Find A Place to Wash Dishes

An often inevitable part of kitchen renovation is losing your sink for a period of time. Get creative and use your bathroom sink, shower, or even your outside hose to wash your dishes. Try to eliminate using as many dishes as possible throughout the process to lessen the load when it’s time to wash. 


  1. Be Flexible

One of the most important tips is to be flexible! You may find that the space that you’re using for your food storage or temporary kitchen isn’t working in your home. Don’t be afraid to try new spots to make it work best for you and your family! 

Pro Tip: Grilling outdoors or purchasing an electric burner can also help with meal prep while your indoor kitchen is out of commission! 

The best way to avoid the headache that comes with a kitchen remodel is to work with the experts! At Kitchen Elements, our professional and experienced team is ready to provide you with a beautiful and practical solution for all of your needs. We guarantee to work with you every step of the way of your renovation project, keeping you updated and lessening the stress for you! Contact the experts at Kitchen Elements today to get started!