A Kitchen Makeover in DC: Finding Space

Finding Space

This medium kitchen remodel was part of a whole-house renovation of this family’s home. The family craved feelings of spaciousness and freedom in the existing, restrictive kitchen. The completed kitchen satisfied their desires through thoughtful, creative solutions and an integrated design.

The objectives:
• Carefully design a welcoming traditional, white kitchen that nestles into an existing contemporary addition, which was designed by masterful architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen many years ago
• Create a beautiful backdrop for an interesting vista from the dining room, which seamlessly integrates with the balanced architecture of Mr. Jacobsen
• Devise an updated floor plan, providing a more effective workspace and unimpeded circulation

The design challenges:
• Artfully and sensibly fit all of the appliances without disturbing the glass window walls
• Create sufficient wall cabinet storage, due to the limitations created by the glass walls that exist in the previous addition
• Design a new kitchen into a restricted space, while creating a sense of spaciousness and freedom for this family’s modern expectation

The design solutions:
• Install a back-to-back kitchen sink and cook top that is housed in a large, central island
• Skillfully accommodate the refrigerator within the work area with limited useable wall space
• Flock the glass of cabinet doors with a silver coating, complementing the stainless steel appliances and satisfying the client’s desire for a textural change without compromising the opacity of the cabinet doors

The special features:
• Expand the stainless steel presence with stainless steel fillers on either side of the Sub Zero refrigerator adding to a clean, crisp look
• Maximize the wall storage by nestling a cabinet under the angle of the staircase, which projects into the kitchen space
• Fashion breakfront-type cabinetry on the wall leading to the dining room announcing the transition to a more formal space

My thanks to the homeowners for the opportunity to guide them through their renovation and to the installation team and vendors for their diligent efforts on this project.