Anatomy of a Kitchen Remodel: Your Kitchen Hardware

I consider kitchen hardware the “jewelry” of a kitchen and, with the tremendous variety of hardware on the market, an extraordinary amount of looks can be created. Want glitz? Subtlety? A mix? How about chunky? Or delicate? We can find a look that will suit your needs and that looks can be enhanced, altered and redone by changing your hardware.

When my clients and I discuss this aspect of their remodel, we often have fun sharing ideas, images and feelings that surround this part of their project. Yet, like jewelry, and in addition to the fun and exciting elements, there are practical matters to ponder. Do the cabinet handles need to suit young children or an aging parent? Do they need more heft to accommodate large hands? Is there a particular finish that meets a client’s current needs that will perform for the long haul?

We also have a thoughtful discussion specifically the faucet and it’s aesthetic and practical properties. How will it integrate into the remodeled kitchen? How will it be utilized and feel, when it gets touched, turned on and off and employed each and every day.

As I write this, I realize that what started out as a fun topic, could now seem daunting and overwhelming. But, that’s one of the reasons clients come to Kitchen Elements: my clients and I make the small, medium and large decisions together about all of the aspects of a kitchen remodel. And we do so by discussing, reviewing and finding the right elements for their lifestyle and families.

What are your feelings about kitchen hardware? Love thinking about it? Concerned about the vast array of choices out there? We’d love to hear your thoughts.