Appliance Storage: Clearing Countertop Clutter

With all of the innovative kitchen appliances conceived throughout the years, countertop clutter has significantly expanded. Gadgets such as coffee makers, toasters, blenders, food processors, waffle makers, and many more have multiplied, causing kitchen counters everywhere to suffer. Finding space to store our small appliances when not in use can be quite challenging. Here are some tips and tricks to keep them out of sight, but readily on hand.

Gadget Garages

A popular and versatile storage solution for your gadgets is an appliance garage. They can be easily added to an existing kitchen design in an assortment of ways.  Generally they are small cabinet-like areas with flip up hatches, sliding doors, or bi-parting doors that keep small appliances out of sight and easily attainable. They usually fit seamlessly into the corners of kitchens that are under-utilized and make a less-cluttered, more appealing countertop.

Practical Pantry

Dedicate space in your pantry specifically for small appliances. Store heavier appliances down low, and make sure the most frequently used appliances are the easiest to obtain. Storing gadgets in the pantry saves a great deal of counter and cabinet space, and is still an extension of the kitchen. Consider adding shelving or adjusting existing shelving for a more logical and appealing solution.

Custom Cabinetry 

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If you’re lucky enough to have unused cabinets in your kitchen, slide your appliances in there. Use upper cabinets for small and light appliances, and lower cabinets for the heavier ones. Adjust and remove shelves accordingly inside your cabinets to reconfigure the height. Add slide out drawers and racks in existing cabinets, or take advantage of unused space to build additional cabinetry specifically for appliance storage. Create innovative ways to use purpose-built cabinets to your benefit. Put mixers on hidden pull-out shelves for convenience. Place your toaster on a slide out rack so it is readily available, but only when you need it. Custom cabinetry will not only be the space-saver you need, but will also add architectural aesthetic to your kitchen.

Get Creative

Look high and low in your kitchen and remember to use every inch of space. Create some innovative nooks for your appliances. Use the cabinet space above the refrigerator, or drawers and cabinets in a kitchen island. Store most-used appliances in easily accessible locations, and hide away the others.  Organize your appliances in a way that makes sense to you. Your storage solutions will depend on your style, your home, and your personality. Appliance storage is not one size fits all.

Kitchen Elements can help you plan and create a space that fits your needs, whatever they may be. Schedule a consultation to talk about appliance storage solutions and to get started on your kitchen remodeling process today!