Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Choosing Shower Tile

shower tileWhen remodeling your bathroom, it is likely that you focus on larger elements such as where your shower is located, the number of sinks, or if your toilet room will be secluded. While these elements are important and can determine the overall design of your bathroom, smaller details can be fun to choose as well. Choosing the type of tile that best fits your shower and space may seem simple, but there are many factors that can help you determine what tile is perfect for your bathroom.

What is your shower’s design?
The design of your shower can often determine the type of tile you use on the shower walls. Large tiles on the shower wall can be cost effective and impart a contemporary feel.If your shower will include a bench you can tile it or use stone as the seat. Even materials such as teak can be used to create a shower bench. Smaller tiles with the grout lines prevent slipping and are recommended for the floor.  If you choose to have a commercial steam shower, a sloped ceiling will be required. In this case, smaller tiles will be the best fit again because of curves and angles. There are lots of options when selecting tile for your shower floor, walls and ceiling.

Don’t forget about cleaning.
An important factor to keep in mind is the amount of time you are willing to spend cleaning your shower. If cleaning your shower seems like a nuisance, you should consider large slabs or glass panels.

How will the tile feel?
A beautiful tile may seem great, but not if it doesn’t feel comfortable when sitting or standing. Slabs are a comfortable option compared to smaller tiles. Bear in mind that you want to choose a tile that is safe, as well. Slip-resistant tile is a choice to consider. A rough surface is ideal in showers and bathroom floors. Your main tile does not have to match your shower (floor) tile.

Have you considered universal design?
Bathroom remodels for homeowners looking to grow old in their home should consider universal design options. As we age it is important to consider comfort and safety.

Are you set on glass tile or mosaic tile?
If so, that is great! Remember, though, you need to be sure that the tile you choose can be submerged in water, similarly to a pool. All shower floors should be able to withstand submersion.

Determining what shower tile is best for you and your bathroom can be a fun process. Kitchen Elements can provide you with options and designs to ensure that your needs are met, you stay within budget, and you remain on your desired timeline. Check out some of our most recent bathroom remodeling projects in the Washington Metropolitan area. Contact the Kitchen Elements team, today, to receive more information about your next bathroom remodeling project!