Bathtub or Shower?

bathtubWhen remodeling a full bathroom in your home, you will be presented with many options from which to choose. One decision to consider is your preference between a tub, shower or a the plan to use both.

Bathrooms are no longer used function specific; they have also become a place to escape. Determining whether a bathtub or freestanding shower is the best choice for your bathroom haven is easy with the right planning and contractor.

Some things to consider before choosing which option is best for your bathroom are:

  • What are your space constraints? If your bathroom is smaller, consider a shower only. Incorporating a frameless, glass, freestanding shower can make your space appear larger. However, if you are sure you want a tub, a built-in tub will take up the least amount of room compared to a freestanding tub.
  • Have you considered the plumbing and installation requirements? This is something you can discuss with your contractor if you are unsure. Based off the style of tub you choose (freestanding or built in) you will need to consider plumbing and installation restrictions.
  • Do you have a style/design in mind that would affect your decision? The design or style you prefer for your bathroom is important to keep in mind. For example, if your space requires a universal design that can accommodate older guests or those with mobility issues, a free-standing shower may be the best option. Freestanding showers are more convenient and do not require climbing in an out of a tub.
  • How often will you use one or the other? If this is a guest bathroom remodel, do you feel your guests would get more use out of a tub or shower? If you are unsure, perhaps a built-in tub is the best option, as it has both.
  • What is the main purpose for this bathroom? A bathroom does not have to be strictly functional. You may want the space to be an oasis or “spa-like.” Perhaps a Jacuzzi or a walk-in shower may fit your idea of spa-like. What aspects to a bathroom are important to you?
  • Don’t forget your budget. Budgets are always important to keep in mind. Like with most aspects to your bathroom remodel, your contractor can assist with a budget.

Bathroom remodels can be a lot of fun! With Kitchen Elements, we can provide you with all the necessary information to ensure that your bathroom fits your style and needs. Remodeling can be stressful, but with Kitchen Elements, we want to make the process fun and exciting for you and your family.

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