Farmhouse Sinks

Apron-front sinks, aka farmhouse sinks, have been a favorite among homeowners for many years. Revered for its deep capacity, and charming style, these beauties were mostly installed in traditional and cottage style kitchens.  In the traditional home, the white or … Continued

Potomac Facelift

A Potomac couple, who love to entertain, wanted to brighten and refresh their 20 year old kitchen. They also wanted to improve the flow of their kitchen while entertaining family and friends. Lastly, they desperately wanted to get rid of … Continued

Down on the Farm

Kitchen Elements - Down on the Farm - Before and After Video

Washington DC residents, tired of years in the city, decided to purchase a large farm in rural Frederick, Maryland. The homeowners initially tried to make small improvements to the kitchen after purchasing the property. They installed new counter tops and … Continued

Spring Green Bathroom

Kitchen Elements - Green Spring Bathroom Renovation

This homeowner dreamed of a bright and fresh new bathroom for years as she saved her money. Her townhouse was equipped with a builder grade bathroom, and being a very discerning individual, this was not to her liking. The entirety … Continued

Smart Appliances

Kitchen Elements - Smart Appliances

Technology continues to revolutionize appliances in the kitchen. Could it be that the next refrigerator you purchase is a “smart” refrigerator? Depending on the brand and model of the refrigerator, the newest “smart” features available include: A Touchscreen that allows … Continued

Combi Steam Ovens

Top chefs have been using steam ovens in commercial kitchens for many years now. They seem to be slowly making their way into the kitchens of home cooks. Especially home cooks who are inspired to make healthy and delicious food. For … Continued

Painting Cabinets

Every now and again we run into homeowners who don’t want to invest in new cabinetry, nor are they interested in refacing. They would like to give their kitchen or bathroom a mini-makeover by painting their own cabinets. Is the … Continued

Kitchen Ceiling Fans

During these warm months, everyone wants to stay cool and comfortable at home. That means using the air conditioning and/or ceiling fans. But what are the current thoughts about ceiling fans in the kitchen? Many a kitchen had a ceiling … Continued

The IKEA Effect

Several studies completed in 2011 demonstrated The IKEA Effect- the increase in valuation of self-made products. In a nutshell, the researchers had participants assemble generic products. The participants felt that their completed product was as valuable as an experts’ product … Continued

Refacing Pros and Cons

  Cabinet refacing can sometimes be a good solution for homeowners who want to renovate their kitchen while keeping to a tight budget. The process of cabinet refacing involves removing all cabinet doors and drawer heads and applying the selected … Continued