Lighting for short winter days

During the darkest days of the year we all look for a little boost. May we suggest a new light for the kitchen, or anywhere else you might need it? We love the lights of designer Tom Dixon. His style … Continued

Remodeling and Labor Costs

I recently saw a series on Houzz that asked homeowners to discuss their kitchen renovations and to include pricing. I have long maintained that pricing for renovation projects depends upon the location where the project is done, as well as … Continued

Lust For a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

I recently attended a Sub-Zero appliance training session at the beautiful Fretz showroom in Columbia, Maryland. At the training I had the opportunity to see and learn about the latest models of Sub-Zero Refrigerators. These appliances have so many impressive features; I walked away dreaming … Continued

Is A Kitchen Renovation Worth It?

    Once your kitchen renovation is done and the contractors have moved on to another job, you are left to reflect on whether the expense and the inconvenience of such a project was worth it. The majority of homeowners … Continued

Home Remodeling Television Shows

The latest craze in home remodeling television shows reveal about as much reality in them as the Real Housewives of Potomac: very little. The shows are both fun and entertaining, but they project a skewed sense of reality. After being … Continued

Best of Houzz For the Fifth Year in a Row!

Kitchen Elements has won the “Best of  Houzz®” award for the 5th consecutive year. Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The 9-year-old company was chosen by the more than 35 million monthly unique users that comprise the … Continued

Resurfacing Marble Counter Tops

When renovating our kitchen, we opted for the beauty of marble counter tops while down playing the warnings about how easily they stain and etch.  I took some precautions to protect the counter tops while cooking, but I failed to … Continued

Realistic Investment: Planning Your Budget

A significant amount of research is necessary for any home remodeling project to run smoothly. Knowing what you want and why is easy, but determining how to achieve it without breaking the bank can be quite complicated. The budget conversation … Continued

Microwaves…Can You Live Without Them?

The convenience of a microwave is undeniable. With the fast-forward and rushed lifestyle of today’s generation, throwing a quick dinner or reheating leftovers in a microwave is the easiest option for a no-fuss meal. Therefore, a microwave is an absolute … Continued

Appliance Storage: Clearing Countertop Clutter

With all of the innovative kitchen appliances conceived throughout the years, countertop clutter has significantly expanded. Gadgets such as coffee makers, toasters, blenders, food processors, waffle makers, and many more have multiplied, causing kitchen counters everywhere to suffer. Finding space … Continued