Bring on the Color!

Are you tired of or bored with the colors in your home? Is it time for a fresh start – for both you and your walls?

Color evokes a range of emotions: happiness, serenity, excitement and a host of other feelings. And, for some homeowners, picking colors can induce as many emotions as the colors themselves. Some enjoy the process, others step into the process cautiously and, for others still, just seeing the color fan book can make their heads spin.

Recently, many homeowners have asked me to offer color consulting, so I’m providing this service (in addition to my existing services) for the next few months. As the holidays approach and the winter months settle in, I’ll be assisting homeowners who want to freshen their spaces for guests or prepare their home for more time spent indoors by adding new colors.

If you know someone who’s interested in a color consultation, please tell them about Kitchen Elements’ new service.