Built-In Furniture

Custom Built-In Furniture by Kitchen Elements near Bethesda, MD 20810, including DC, MD, VAAdding storage to your home is always a great option to consider. However, in many cases, lack of space is a concern. In lieu of freestanding furniture, built-in cabinetry allows you to blend storage into your home.  Make the most of every inch of your floor plan by incorporating built-ins to your home’s design. Below is a list of benefits to keep in mind when considering built-in furniture.

No more wasted space

Although freestanding furniture can be beautiful, often times you will notice wasted space in your home. Space that could have been be used for other items is now unavailable. With built-in furniture, you will notice more space and your room will feel larger.

Less clutter

The extra storage space from built-ins can be utilized to reduce clutter in your home. Functional and beautiful, built-ins can give your home a tidier appearance.

Seamless appearance

Fitted furniture will allow for homes to appear seamless. Freestanding furniture is likely to show gaps between the wall and the piece. Uniquely shaped furniture often causes this problem. With built-ins, you are able to smooth out those lines and show no gaps.

Built-ins are versatile

Built-ins can be made custom to fit your needs and your home’s shape. For homes that have a sloped ceiling, your built-ins can be made to conform to that space or shape. Freestanding furniture would not be able to perfectly.

Décor and lighting

Built-ins are beautiful, can store décor, and can incorporate lighting. The added lighting can illuminate the furniture while adding ambiance to your home.

Built-ins can be utilized in mudrooms, bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, libraries, living rooms, attics, and kitchens. Any room in your home has the ability to be beautiful and functional with custom built-ins. At Kitchen Elements, we create furniture style built-ins that provide comprehensive storage solutions wrapped in beautiful casework. Contact Kitchen Elements to receive more information on how to remodel your home with built-in furniture!