Built-In Cabinets and Storage Solutions for Homeowners in Maryland

Kitchen-Elements-Built-In-Cabinets2These days, storage space is at a premium for many clients in Maryland; they come to Kitchen Elements seeking built-in storage solutions for many rooms in their homes. Beautiful and functional, built-ins are a balm for many ills: they add value, end clutter, and answer the never-ending call for storage.

In times past, homeowners relied on hutches, armoires and closets to house their personal items. Today, in addition to standard closets, built-ins offer sought-after storage solutions for your library shelving, laundry room, mudroom, pantry, entertainment wall units, and wet or dry bars. Additionally, built-in cabinets and storage solutions can add architectural style to a room, incorporating your design preference of subtle, modern, ornate or eye-catching. Kitchen Elements creates furniture-style built-ins, which provide inclusive storage solutions wrapped in beautiful casework.

Through thoughtful space planning, clients gain storage in well-used rooms in their homes and in unexpected places such as beneath stairs, in back entryways, master closets, and other hidden areas.

What are the main or hidden spaces in your home where you lack storage?

Jan Goldman
Kitchen Elements
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