How Can You Prepare Your New Home Before Moving In?

While moving into a new home is always exciting, it can also be an extremely chaotic and taxing time. While there’s no quick way around the stress, there are ways to effectively rise above it and make moving more tolerable and efficient. Kitchen Elements will support and advise you through space planning and project management services to ensure that each space in your new home is used to its fullest potential. Planning out and preparing your new home prior to move-in allows for the remodeling mess to be cleaned up before your furniture and belongings enter the house. Here are some projects that are particularly important to tackle before the moving trucks deliver your things.


Prepare and Measure

While you may think this is an obvious task prior to your move-in, it is one many people seem to skip. Aside from the straightforward chores of packing your belongings, setting up mail forwarding and utilities, changing the locks, and cleaning, there are other preparations you must consider before you rush into your new residence. What may have fit seamlessly and looked picture-perfect in your old space may not transfer ideally to your new place. It is vital to take measurements for your new home, including wall sizes, floor plans, current furniture widths and heights and so on. With all the excitement of moving, it can be easy to forget this simple step. To be certain that your furnishings will fit the way you want them to and to envision how your wall hangings and decorations will appear, measure and estimate ahead of time.


Wallpaper Removal and Painting

Removing that hideous wallpaper the previous owner had, or changing up the vibes of a room with some paint are not difficult tasks, but can be extremely messy. Doing these tasks prior to moving in – pre kids, pets, boxes, and furniture in the way – will save you loads of stress and time. Whether painting yourself or hiring a crew, you will feel much more at ease in an empty room. If you cannot choose a color scheme with everything else going on in your mind, selecting a clean shade of white, beige, or other background neutral works wonders. After the priming, base coats, and trims are complete, adding or changing colors in the future will be effortless.


Flooring Installation and Refinishing

If you are moving into a house with carpeting or flooring that you adore, good for you! Before you move in, do a steam cleaning of the carpets or a deep cleaning of the floors to make them look fresh and you’re good to go. However, more often than not, you will probably not like that old carpeting or flooring. In this scenario, you will want to change up that old floor for a new, eye-catching look before you move in. This will save you the hassle of moving all of your furniture around (or paying someone else to) after you have already settled into your home. You might remove that old carpeting and find that the floor underneath can be rescued. If so, you’ll benefit from refinishing – which includes prepping, sanding, and applying a new finish. If your floor is not salvageable and you need completely new flooring or you opt for new carpet installation, you will benefit extraordinarily by having it done in advance. Just make sure to protect your brand new floors when you finally do move your furniture in!


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling or updating the kitchens and/or bathroom in new homes is a top priority for most homeowners. Whether an entire remodel or just simple improvements, the process tends to be pretty messy, tedious, and can sometimes release fumes into your home. Getting these updates or remodels finished before you move in will allow you to easily start cooking up those family recipes in a kitchen that inspires you or feel at ease in your washroom. Personalize your kitchen and bathroom spaces prior to moving all your furnishings in – it will save you from inconvenience, confusion and disarray and swiftly make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your new abode.


Closets and Storage

Since you freshly painted the walls of your new home, and the floors are good to go, you need to think about how and where you will organize all of your belongings. Take a look at your storage areas – closets, cabinets, and garage – and decide whether or not the space is big enough and efficient enough to hold your things. Visualize how you want things to look and fit and what you need to do to achieve that vision. Installing closet or cabinet organizing systems, including drawers, shelves, poles, etc. ahead of time will save you the trouble of removing everything from your closet and re-organizing it later. Planning and improving your storage spaces ahead of time will make unpacking and organizing a breeze.


Moving into a new home tends to be an overwhelmingly stressful process. At Kitchen Elements, we want to assist you in all the space planning and project management prior to and throughout your move so that you are able to focus on enjoying your beautiful new home.


To get life in a new house off to a stress-free start, contact Kitchen Elements today.