Combi Steam Ovens

Top chefs have been using steam ovens in commercial kitchens for many years now. They seem to be slowly making their way into the kitchens of home cooks. Especially home cooks who are inspired to make healthy and delicious food.

For the home cook, our appliance rep recommends the Miele Combi steam oven, and plans to put one in his own kitchen. Although we have only installed two Combi steam ovens to date, we are soon to install a third. We see this as a trend, which no doubt, will continue to grow.

Combi steam ovens offer the best combination of two ways to cook. You can brown meats, bake cookies and steam food in the same oven.  As the name suggests, Combi ovens combine steam cooking with conventional fan-forced heat. It combines the benefits of steam cooking with all the necessities of a multi-function convection oven. They typically have multi-functional baking, combination steam/convection and steam-only settings. As a result, you can enjoy the speed and health benefits of steam cooking together with that appetizing crispy-brown effect you get with conventional roasting methods.

When using a steam oven, it is not necessary to baste your food in butter or oil because it is not being cooked in a dry heat. Also, the steam allows the foods natural color and nutrients to be retained.

Additionally, Steam ovens are very popular for heating up left overs. Reportedly, steam ovens are greatly superior to using a microwave. As a result, we have been told that it is not necessary to have both a steam oven and a microwave. If, however, you like heating up coffee or soup in a jiffy, it is nice to have a microwave. The negatives about having a steam oven are that they cannot be used to heat up soup, coffee or to pop popcorn.