COVID-19 Health and Safety Tips While Working from Home

COVID-19 Health and Safety Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many new challenges in daily lives across the globe, one of which is working from home. Working from home can be challenging, many are finding it difficult to separate their personal and professional lives, and the need for cybersecurity continues to increase.

Wondering how you can stay safe and healthy while working from home? Check out these tips for staying physically healthy, and securing your connections while working remotely.

Tips for Staying Healthy

Getting your work done is important for the business. But staying healthy, both mentally and physically, is just as crucial. For at-home workers, it’s vital to create boundaries between work and personal life, which can be a difficult adjustment. Check out our favorite tips to help with the adjustment from office-life to working from home!

  1. Maintain Regular Work Hours: Set a schedule and stick to it! Working designated hours and then stopping when those hours are up will give your brain time to work and time to rest.
  2. Create a Morning Routine: Routines help us mentally and physically prepare for things. Whether it’s your cup of coffee in the morning or taking your dog for a walk, creating a morning routine can help you get ready for the work-day at home.
  3. Schedule Breaks: Giving yourself breaks is incredibly important to let your brain and body relax. Take a 15-min walk, make lunch, call a friend – whatever you do, take a step away from the screens, and relax.
  4. Get Fresh Air: Leave your building at least once a day! Your body needs to move and fresh air and new scenery will do your mind a lot of good.
  5. Socialize with Colleagues: Socializing is important! Even if you are not face-to-face with your co-workers, taking time to message back and forth with them, or take a phone call about something non-work related is good for your mental health, and good for your soul!

Cyber Security and Working from Home

Your office is set up to protect the files and information that you access, but what about your home computer? With the increase in remote employees, hackers have been on the search to compromise or steal confidential data. Check out these quick tips to ensure the safety of your proprietary information, and assets, while working from home.

  1. Never connect your workstations (i.e. laptop, tablet, phone), to an unknown, or non-secure network.
  2. Try to use a wired connection over using your mobile hotspot if possible.
  3. Always use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect to company data and tools.
  4. Use passwords that aren’t easy to guess, and do not include personal information that could be found on your Facebook page.
  5. When in doubt, reach out to an IT specialist, or industry professional!

While telecommuting requires some adjustments, it’s important to understand how to live, and work from the office and from home!

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