Dishing on My Kitchen Remodel: Part 1

First, I have something to admit: it’s a little weird to go through a remodel of my own kitchen. It’s not that I don’t know what to expect, it’s not that I’m not enjoying the process and it’s not that I’m worried about anything going wrong, it’s just that I’m used to being on the other side of this equation. As a kitchen designer, I guide my clients through this process and am now journeying through it myself.

So, to answer your burning questions: Why am I doing a kitchen remodel? What kind of remodel is it? Who’s doing the installation? Where are we in the process? And, how do I feel at this stage of the project?
Why am I undertaking this remodel: I live and work with a home-based studio and wanted to maximize my living space for both purposes. My prospects and clients often visit my studio to make material selections and check out the product lines I offer. The new kitchen is highlighting my Homestead Custom Cabinet line. Additionally, I enjoy cooking and entertaining for friends and family; this newly remodeled space will enhance our shared experiences in it.

What kind of kitchen remodel is it:
My kitchen remodel is an “as-is” replacement, meaning I didn’t re-design the entire kitchen. The current floor plan remains intact, yet all the appliances are being upgraded. I selected a Thermdoor range, a Sharp microwave drawer, an integrated Bosch dishwasher and the refrigerator is a Kitchen Aid counter depth French door style unit. As mentioned above, the cabinets are built by Homestead Custom Cabinetry; I opted for custom cabinetry, allowing me to design a custom door style with frameless construction. The colors of the space center around a Celadon green paint, making the design a little different from standard choices.

Who’s doing the install:
KirksWorks, LLC is performing the installation. The owner, Kirk Johnson has been in business for four years, yet he’s been installing kitchens for more than 30 years. His company was chosen for their flexibility, creative infield solutions and excellent craftsmanship. Kirk is performing the installation along with an assistant and other technicians, as needed. Additionally, the supporting contractors like the plumber and electricians have been on site.

Where we are in the process:
All rough-ins have been completed and the drywall is being installed. The cabinet design disguises the re-worked soffits behind vertically extended wall cabinet doors. With some extra hideaway spaces, I’m creating niches for small packaged food products and a space for the dust pan and broom.

How do I feel at this stage of the project:
It’s exciting! I’m very happy to be able to do this. This project will benefit not only my prospects and clients, who can touch and feel the new materials and selections in this space, but I will enjoy the heart of my home…..and I’ll understand the “hub bub” my clients experience while living through their construction.

Some of the downsides are that most of the rooms in the house have been affected by the project. Several rooms are being used for storage and are dusty. Regarding cooking, I thought I could use the dining room for a hot spot with the refrigerator (which is in place right now), but that hasn’t worked out well. The furniture is draped in blankets , filters are taped over the air intakes and there’s stuff everywhere. I’m experiencing the low point of most kitchen projects, but the minute cabinets get put in place, I know I’ll start to feel better.

I’m looking forward to Phase 2 and continuing to share my adventure with you!