Dishing on My Kitchen Remodel: Part 2

Well, my kitchen remodel is taking shape and I’ve learned firsthand many of feelings and adjustments homeowners undergo during this type of project. Witnessing how the rhythm and flow unfolds for residents has been extremely valuable and I’m very grateful for this experience.

So, here’s the scoop on the project status.

Where we are in the process: We’re at the midpoint of the project and waiting for the countertop to arrive. All of the base cabinets and most of the wall cabinets have been installed. Once the countertop goes in, I’ll finally get to see my sink and then my plumber will install the faucet.

The gas has been hooked up and the duel fuel range has been installed. The electrician returned to install the trim around the recessed lights and put in the lightbulbs. Also, the plug mold was put in place, which involved removing the receptacles/switchplates from the wall and running concealed outlets in a strip under the cabinets. The hood over stove was also installed.

How I’m feeling: I’m still “camping out” and dealing with it. It’s messy, yet I can’t clean the kitchen or put my stuff away or use anything. Everything is full of dust and I’m ready for the guys to be done. The disheveled atmosphere is impacting me, as I really like things to be organized. Yet, my remodel has taught me to “let go” a little.

Also, my unique vantage point as a kitchen designer and project manager has been actualized. I’ve found that if anything isn’t quite right, I know it will get resolved and that sense of knowing has been comforting.

What’s next: The crown molding, the light rails and the trim work will be installed shortly. As we head into the home stretch, the walls will be skim coated and made ready for painting. The crews will install the baseboards and prepare to hang the doors and the shelves in the custom-designed niches. Additionally, the layout of the tile is designed and the painting will begin once all the drywall finish work is done. Essentially, all of the small, “behind the scenes” tasks will happen shortly.

Phase 3 is just around the corner, so stay tuned for more details!