Dishing on My Kitchen Remodel: Part 3



I’m happy to report that it’s done: my kitchen project is finished and, boy, do I feel good. I’m really enjoying the space, as are my family, friends, clients and prospects. Like all remodels, there were high and low points, but being in the remodeling business prepared me for that inevitability. So, here’s the scoop on the final phase of my remodel:

What were some of the final touches in the kitchen: The hardware was selected and seeing its installation was exciting; it completed the feeling of the space. Hardware is like the “jewelry” of a kitchen: it’s great fun to pick out and see how it stamps a personality in a room.

Other final touches included dealing with the quirks of the space. After the installation, I found that two doors needed hinge stops, which keep them from swinging open beyond 90 degrees. Also, the closet niches, where I’m hiding my broom and other items, were completed. These seemingly small details are truly my favorites in my kitchen.

Finally, I ordered new white blinds to freshen and allow more light into the space.

What are my plans for using the kitchen: It’s a showroom for my prospects and clients and the first client to see the finished space decided to select the whole design for their remodel, however they will select a different cabinet color.

When choosing to design a kitchen with an enriched painted color (not white or cream), I recommend clients pick the granite or other countertop first, and then select the cabinet color in the family of colors they want to consider. By doing so, they rely on natural tones of the stone for color inspiration. If they’re using a neutral base like white or cream, they can use a variety of stone or countertop choices.

The kitchen space has also been used for a recent REIS meeting, which is a business group to which I belong.

Personal use of the space has been a bit limited, as work keeps me busy, however I recently held a luncheon for my family, am hosting a Memorial Day barbeque and hope to have a party this summer.

How I’m feeling: Better! Getting my house back in order was important to me and it took some time to undo the clutter and disarray that resulted from the remodel hub bub. Right now, I’m feeling much more “Zen” and relaxed.

Would I do it all again: YES! I have a deep connection with my surroundings and my home is central part of my life. It has to fit who I am and provide a sense of calm and security, as I continually seek comfort and beauty within its four walls.