What You Should Expect From a Home Consultation

home improvementA major home project can be one of the most exciting yet difficult experiences a homeowner can tackle. That is why selecting the right contractor for assistance is imperative. Don’t expect this to be an easy task; choosing the perfect home remodeler can be overwhelming, not to mention time consuming. You want a remodeling expert with experience, someone that isn’t too expensive but not too cheap either! A proven track record and positive online reviews are also helpful. However, perhaps the best way to identify an experienced remodeler is through the initial consultation. This is where homeowners sit down with a home remodeler to go over design concepts, discuss plans, and to develop a course of action.


Here’s what you can expect during your initial consultation:


Measurements and photos

This seems like a no brainer, though you’d be surprised at how often “the experts” omit this step during the initial consult. As a homeowner, eyeballing a measurement shouldn’t be good enough. You want someone that hones in on the details. Similarly, photos can provide you a frame of reference which improves efficiency over the course of the project.

Create a list

While working with a home remodeler, you will come up with a list of “must haves” for your home project. A great remodeler will be able to channel these needs, describe the details of each request, and forecast any potential problems. From this list, establish the highest priority items and discuss feasibility.

Discuss Budget

The big “B” doesn’t have to be a scary word. You want someone who will be transparent about all costs associated with your project and provide an accurate estimate based on your list of demands. As you discuss your plans, if a project doesn’t seem financially feasible, a good home remodeler will openly discuss these plans and let you know about all costs up front. It’s better to go over budget during the initial consultation than halfway into construction!

Ask Questions

Don’t settle for a know-it-all. An experienced contractor will consult you along the way, asking questions and adjusting appropriately. Just because they have twenty years of experience under their belt doesn’t mean they can read minds. As homeowners, we all have different expectations; asking questions helps ensure you’re on the same page through each stage of the process.

The initial consultation shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take the opportunity to discuss every aspect of your home project and get a feel for who you’re working with from the very beginning.

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