Expect More from Your Kitchen Designer

For the quality products and services you buy, you want to make wise investments and get your money’s worth. With kitchen remodels, there are varying degrees of product and service quality. Regarding products, the differences between man-made composite stone and natural stone counter tops or custom factory produced cabinetry versus locally crafted cabinets are not so evident and we typically see that homeowners carefully weigh these kinds of material selections. However, they often don’t fully consider the service aspect of their project.

When interviewing a kitchen designer for a remodel, I strongly urge homeowners to ask their designer whether they will provide basic services throughout a project or more custom and intensive services. You’ll want to know, upfront, if your designer will devote generous time to the project after the design is complete and your cabinets are ordered. Ideally, you may be seeking the services of a designer who will not only design the floor plan and order your cabinets, but orchestrate your project from beginning to end.

In a fully orchestrated remodel, your designer will procure estimates from plumbers, electricians, general contractors, appliance distributors and the counter top/tile installers; coordinate the rough-in and full installation schedules in which various parts of the kitchen are hooked up and installed; and deal with any problems that may arise in the process. Without your designer’s full involvement, you may experience a lack of continuity from concept to completion.

These days, the current trend in many industries is to value the material parts of a project over and above the service, but I believe that for the end product to be excellent, the service must also rise to that level, which allows homeowners to fully gain their money’s worth when investing in a kitchen remodel.

Jan Goldman
Kitchen Elements
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