Gaithersburg, MD Family Chooses Kitchen Elements for Backsplash Installation

As discussed in a previous blog post on the Kitchen Element’s website, a great way to incorporate your style within your home’s kitchen is by adding a backsplash. Recently, Kitchen Elements worked with Sustain Creativity’s CEO, Samad Saifudin, and his wife Suad to do just that.

To begin the process, Jan Goldman sat down with the Saifudin family to determine their needs and style, as well as evaluate the kitchen. Suad expressed that she “wanted something to complement the yellow accent wall opposite the kitchen.”  The accent wall already served as a bold statement in the Saifudin home, so a complementary backsplash was exactly what the family needed to tie everything together.

Once the Kitchen Elements team had an idea of what the Saifudin’s kitchen needed based on their preferences and style, it was time to choose a day for tile shopping. With the Saifudin’s busy schedules, finding time for shopping would be a challenge. “Jan has membership for most of the ceramic tile places. She was able to work it to my convenience and picked a location near our house,” Suad explained, “because our house was close, we brought the tiles over to see how they would look. That really made our decision easier.”

By looking at different tile options, verifying color schemes, and deciding which style would work best for the kitchen, Jan was able to accommodate the Saifudin’s needs and desires while complementing their style. Suad continued by explaining how Jan’s experience with backsplashes, and her opinions when making a decision, helped the Saifudin family to choose the perfect tile.

After spending the day with the Saifudin family, Kitchen Elements was able to figure out the aesthetics, take measurements, and place an order for the tiles. As soon as  the tiles arrived eight weeks later, Jan and her team visited the Saifudin home again to begin the installation process.

Once the original measurements were confirmed, the Kitchen Elements team installed the tiles on a wood template. This template would give a 3D effect, as well as make the removal process easier if the Saifudin family decided to make a change when selling their home in the future. If the tiles were installed directly on the drywall above the cook top, the removal process would be more complicated come time for a change.

Whether your home is need of a change or you recently purchased a new home that suffers from the “cookie cutter” style, you have an opportunity to add some personality that reflects you and your family by installing a backsplash. “If you have a home and want to add your own flare to the kitchen, use Kitchen Elements to add a backsplash,” explained Samad. For a free consultation, or to discuss any kitchen remodeling project, contact Kitchen Elements.

“The end result is beautiful. Our guests cannot stop raving about our backsplash!”– Suad Saifudin