Flooring options for your Kitchen

Flooring options for your kitchen with Kitchen Elements near Olney, MD 20832, including DC, MD, VAAs previously discussed in a blog from August, remodeling your kitchen can allow you to reveal your personal tastes through many details. When choosing the right floor for your kitchen, not only are you revealing your taste in design, but also you are deciding which floor will serve your kitchen best. Kitchen Elements will work with you to find the perfect floor. To prepare you for the decision, you must be knowledgeable about your flooring options.

Solid Wood
Charming, warm, and durable, wood is a fantastic option for homes that expect high volume of traffic in the kitchen. If it is properly treated and cared for, the floor will last a long time. In terms of design, wood is timeless and beautiful. You have the option to sand and refinish the floor if it needs updating, however.

With an abundance of colors, designs, and styles to choose from at an affordable price, vinyl floors have quickly become a popular choice amongst homeowners. If you love the look of tile or hardwood, but not the price tag, vinyl flooring is a great alternative. Unfortunately, the lifespan of vinyl flooring (which is approximately 10-15 years) is shorter than other options.

Growing in popularity, cork flooring is unique and eco-friendly. This style of flooring boasts its resilience, durability, comfort, and the ability to reduce impact noise. The price is comparable to wood flooring. Dirt can easily scar the flooring, meaning it needs to be properly cared for on a regular basis through sweeping, sealing, and vacuuming.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has the ability to do what most flooring cannot and that is creating variation. No piece of stone tile is the same, which adds a lot of character to a home’s kitchen. Aside from the natural beauty of stone, this flooring is elegant, cool underfoot, and durable. Stone does require sealant about twice a year to maintain its condition, but otherwise, day-to-day maintenance is minimal. Natural stone is an expensive style to consider.

Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tile has a wide range of options for style and color, which add to its appeal. Ceramic is an inexpensive option that is durable, versatile, and requires little to no maintenance on a regular basis. This option for flooring can displease homeowners, though, because it is hard and cold underfoot.

Porcelain Tile
Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile that can be used in homes. Porcelain tile is a popular option that is durable, offers a variety of design choices, and is great for homes with pets. This style of floor can also increase the value of a home when installed in bathrooms or kitchens. Many believe this flooring is worth the high expense.

Before choosing the floor you believe is great for your home, consult Kitchen Elements. Our goal is to prepare homeowners with several plans that fit their needs. With more options and a variety of remodeling kitchen ideas, clients are likely to find something that is perfect for their home. Take a glimpse of some great work Kitchen Elements has done in the Washington Metropolitan area by viewing our portfolio on Houzz. If you are interested in receiving a consultation, contact Kitchen Elements!