Hand Drawn Designs vs. Computer Generated Designs

DesignsThe increase in technology over the years has made it possible to create computer generated designs of home remodels, renovations, and more. Similar to hand drawn designs, computer generated designs allow homeowners to get an idea of what their home will look like after renovation. The difference between hand drawn and computer generated is that 2-D, hand drawn blueprints do not allow homeowners to see a realistic version of their home’s new design. However, Kitchen Elements utilizes both options when creating the perfect design for your home.

At Kitchen Elements, our goal is to help clients understand the remodeling process and provide solutions for their home. From hand drawn designs to utilizing the most recent design programs, Kitchen Elements is able to provide a particular level of customer service to each client.

Each client has preferences. Some prefer granite over quartz, wood floors over tile floors, and hand drawn designs over 3-D computer designs. Whatever your preference, we will accommodate your needs. For those who prefer the latest technology when designing, our team turns to 2020 or Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD). 2020 is an interior design program that allows our clients to visualize design ideas for smaller remodeling projects that require powerful 3-D computer images. CAD is another design program that is for larger scale projects, think whole home renovations.

Our team can show clients exactly how their home will look, all before construction begins with these design programs. Seeing how a kitchen redesign or bathroom addition can change or affect a home will help when deciding which options best fits the client’s needs. 3-D computer designs are not for every customer, though. Some prefer 2-D hand drawn designs for their simplicity and artistic elements. Hand drawn designs still offer clients an opportunity to visualize their remodel, just on a less complex level.

Using any design tools allow our clients to be more involved in the planning process. Kitchen Elements loves to make the remodeling process fun and simple for clients. Check out some designs on Houzz, created by Kitchen Elements, that have been brought to life thanks to the help of 2020, CAD, and hand drawn designs. Bring your design ideas to life and contact Kitchen Elements, today, for your next remodeling project!