Hilary Embarks on a Kitchen Remodel (Part One)

Hilary, the process and document manager at Kitchen Elements, and wife and mother of two, is embarking on a kitchen remodel. This is her story. (Cue the ‘Law and Order’ music)

Problem: “My family recently moved into a home with a very unattractive kitchen. To compound the issue, the stove had only two working burners and the refrigerator is too small for our family of four. Luckily, I happen to be employed by a talented kitchen designer, Jan Goldman of Kitchen Elements, and sought her help in remodeling our kitchen.”

Hilary’s Fears and Solutions: “My biggest fears about the whole project are not about selecting a design for the space, picking out the materials or going through the installation. Instead, I’m most worried about living without a kitchen for a month; yet I have ideas on how to function within the limitations of a kitchen renovation:

  • Set up our refrigerator and microwave in another room to create a makeshift kitchen
  • Rent a water dispenser that dispenses cold and hot water (we’ll enjoy the hot water for instant soup, ‘mac and cheese’ and tea and the cold water for drinking, etc.).
  • Cook on our grill.
  • Buy a hotplate (with one or two burners) from Amazon.
  • Prepare and freeze dishes ahead of time.
  • Utilize my mother’s kitchen when she’s on vacation.”

Hilary adds, “I spend a lot of time cooking and my family has come to expect complete and satisfying dinners. We don’t do carryout (even though I would like to, sometimes) and my son especially enjoys home-cooked meals.

We also try to limit the amount of money we spend on dining out and avoid consuming excess calories. We are health conscious (although my daughter would eat Oreos for dinner!).”

Finally, she notes, “I will have to clean our dishes and the dishes for our three cats. Yet, we’re green conscious – so we don’t want to fill the landfill with paper plates. Additionally, I don’t want to wash our dishes in the bathroom sinks and would have a hard time using the utility sink the basement. So, it’s likely we will use some paper plates.”

Hilary’s kitchen renovation will commence in early June. Stay tuned for Hilary Embarks on a Kitchen Remodel (Part Two), which will discuss the midpoint of her remodel.

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Kitchen Elements
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