Is Your Kitchen Your ‘Real’ Living Room?

For the past decade, we’ve noticed DC area homeowners spending more time living, working and entertaining in their kitchens. Kitchens are evolving from a closed-off room with a singular purpose to the most open, high traffic and high functioning space in the house. How do our clients create live-in value in this hub?

Residents often opt for better integration of electronic devices, build ‘child-friendly’ and other storage and add safety features for an aging population. More specific changes might include the following:

– Developing an open floor plan to integrate with the rest of the family living areas
– Electronics are now kitchen utilities; because homeowners don’t want to be isolated in a home office or den, areas for these and other devices are allocated
– Prep areas with second sinks are becoming more prevalent, allowing the cook and “sous chef” to function within the same space while preparing or cleaning up after meals
– Increasing storage and counter top space. New cabinetry is engineered for better storage and offers many options for homeowners

Additionally, specific needs and requests vary for the generations in a home. For young children, parents often desire:
– A “kid zone” (away from the stove), offering space for child-friendly cooking
– A work counter for homework and computer time
– Storage for kids’ crafts and school papers

Millennials (age 18-34) have the highest demands for their dream kitchen. The majority of their “wish list” items are related to technological advances, and can include:
– A TV screen that’s built into a kitchen wall or attached to an appliance
– Technology that allows programming the oven from a phone or computer
– A microwave that reads package bar codes, which then triggers cooking according to the exact directions

Baby Boomers’ (age 45-64) “wish list” items center mostly around entertaining family and friends and often include:
– A cook top with special features like a built-in grill, wok or rotisserie attachment
– Commercial or professional-grade appliances
– A built-in coffee pot that directly connects to the plumbing

Clients come to Kitchen Elements to renovate and revitalize the “heart of the home” and we create kitchens that meet their needs. What are your needs (or dreams) for your kitchen? How do you and your family “work and play” in this central space?

Jan Goldman
Kitchen Elements

This blog post was developed using data and information from a press release entitled “Moen Uncovers Top Trend in Kitchen Remodeling.”