Kitchen Ceiling Fans

During these warm months, everyone wants to stay cool and comfortable at home. That means using the air conditioning and/or ceiling fans. But what are the current thoughts about ceiling fans in the kitchen? Many a kitchen had a ceiling fan back in the day, but now opinions are mixed about the desirability of a fan in the kitchen. Jan Goldman of Kitchen Elements, does not recommend installing a ceiling fan in the kitchen, especially if the kitchen is small. She points to a strobe like effect that can happen with recessed lights and a ceiling fan in small spaces. Additionally, she warns that fans in the kitchen are subject to collecting grease, smoke and residue from cooking. They very quickly will appear dirty, and are not easy to clean. Also, some people complain that when they are cooking with gas burners, a ceiling fan will blow the flame in different directions, so that food takes longer to cook. Others have experienced the fan causing the pilot light to extinguish.

Ceiling fans can be made to be decorative – but likely won’t be as attractive or stylish as a chandelier or pendant lights. If you install a ceiling fan for functionality only, you would create a visual conflict if you also installed hanging lights.

The biggest advantage of ceiling fans is that they lower the temperature of the room by about four or five degrees, regardless of any other circumstances. That means a room with or without AC gets cooler– all for the same energy cost, which amounts to only a few cents a day.