A Kitchen Elements Renovated Home Away From Home

Jan Goldman, owner of Kitchen Elements, recently redesigned and remodeled the interior of a home in Olney, Maryland for Sonia Hulman, who purchased the fourteen-year-old townhouse in August.  Upon retirement, Hulman wanted to be closer to her family members in the Washington Metropolitan area. Although the home was in terrific, sound condition, Hulman and Goldman knew the renovations would facilitate more comfortable living and graceful aging in the new space.

B1Few things are more provocative to an anxious person than a home renovation.  Hulman, who renovated and occupied an 80-year old house in Philadelphia for 20 years, was well aware of the potential anxiety-laden pitfalls of renovating the new house in Olney. Having lived in the Philadelphia house during its renovation, she was very glad that the Olney house would be completed prior to move-in. However, living 120 miles away from the project could bring on its own anxiety. The solution for potential anxiety was having the project managed by a competent, experienced team, like Jan Goldman and Kitchen Elements.


BA4Homeowners often feel torn when they commit to this kind of change. The popular saying, “Home is where the heart is,” hits Sonia Hulman hard as she packs her belongings to move from her Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home in a few short weeks. Leaving the area where she’s lived for more than thirty years is tough to process.

“It’s hard for me to think of somewhere else as home,” said Hulman in August when the renovation process began with Kitchen Elements. Moving affects one’s level of comfort and routine, but Hulman has been adjusting to the prospect of her move during the renovation time.

At the same time, the apprehension that comes with renovating a home can be overwhelming, especially for Hulman who faces an everyday struggle with anxiety. However, for all homeowners, Jan Goldman of Kitchen Elements believes the process should be fun and exciting.

“I never felt that I had to worry when working with Jan. Jan was at the site on an almost daily basis, and she kept me up to date with texts containing pictures of the work’s progress,” said Hulman in October when the project was nearing completion.

There were difficult moments for Hulman, acknowledging that some decisions had to be made without her. Yet, as the project progressed, she came to understand that Goldman’s experience and knowledge of the process were paramount. Transferring the responsibility of decisions to Goldman was the best remedy for an anxious person participating in a long-distance renovation project.

One specific concern that many homeowners have is the workmen and vendor “traffic” in their homes. Over the years, Goldman has established herself in the Washington DC metropolitan area by building relationships with quality vendors and workers.  She knows her vendors well and can attest to their abilities and professionalism. Her rapport with the remodeling community makes the process feel less daunting, and homeowners can feel comfortable with the people who come into their homes.

BA2Material and color selections are other parts of the remodeling process that can induce feelings of worry for homeowners. Before the renovations began, some of Hulman’s concerns included making decisions about colors, surface material, fixtures, and more, especially when presented with endless options combining colors, textures, materials, and sizes. Goldman’s ability to conceive the entire project as a whole resulted in a very pleasing synergy of style and color.

“Jan made most of the decisions, however, she sent me photos of the options she was contemplating,” noted Hulman. “Listen to Jan’s advice. She won’t give you something to consider without good reason. Clients will get value from Jan because of her expertise and knowledge of products.”

Goldman’s expertise is invaluable when visiting vendors and suppliers who sell and produce elements that will be used throughout the home. She knows what questions to ask and if products will work well with a client’s renovation plans. Her ability to get things done efficiently is apparent as she stays true to a project’s timeline, given no complications.  Hulman reported that visits to vendors were made much less complicated and irritating because Goldman clearly has created long-term relationships with the various providers, including: plumbing, glass, lighting, flooring, granite, tile, and appliance vendors. She also acts as a cabinet dealer for an array of different lines, which is highly beneficial.

BA3Kitchen Elements strives to interact with each client in a way that allows Goldman to make the remodeling process anything but stressful. For Hulman, the renovations, although daunting, started to build greater excitement for the move. “If you work well with a remodeling firm, people will become a part of your home after the renovation process is complete,” Hulman explained.

That sentiment is precisely what Goldman tries to convey to each client with whom she consults. During each step of the process, from the initial consultation to clean-up on the last day, Kitchen Elements will sustain guidance and communication to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Since October, Sonia Hulman has made time to say goodbye to friends who live nearby her soon-to-be old home in Pennsylvania before moving in to her newly renovated home in Maryland. After twenty years in her Pennsylvania home, she “feels a sense of relief and sadness as that chapter in her life has ended.”  Yet, Hulman feels lucky to have been connected to Jan Goldman of Kitchen Elements, and she is now able to move comfortably into her new home in Olney, MD.

To learn more about Kitchen Elements and Jan Goldman, please visit the Kitchen Elements website at www.kitchenelements.com. For a consultation on your next home remodeling project, visit the website or call (301) 774-7473.