Kitchen Furniture

You’re current kitchen most likely contains furniture, such as a table and chairs, a computer desk and other pieces. And, as it sometimes happens, your kitchen cabinets and appliances may not integrate with or complement the freestanding furniture in your kitchen or in the rest of your home.

The concept that the kitchen is a distinct and separate room, embodying its own look and feel, is disappearing. Today, homeowners renovate their kitchens to allow this evolving space to assimilate with the other rooms in and cultivated decor of their homes. If “the kitchen is the new living room”, why shouldn’t it integrate with the rest of the home in appearance and design?

Consider a home with antique furnishings throughout, but whose kitchen design includes an old tile floor and kitchen cabinets that are dressed in laminate coatings. Each day, the homeowners and family circulate from the other rooms into the kitchen, and with each entry, adjust to this distinct decor.

Now, envision the renovated kitchen: the cabinets are redone with antique styling and details, the kitchen island is designed with antique embellishments and a large, inviting marble top and the built-in storage units display antique styling. A marriage between the home’s design and furniture and the kitchen space is consummated and home’s residents move easily from space to space, enjoying the continuity and cohesiveness.

View how other homeowners have transformed their spaces with kitchens (and baths) that integrate with the rest of their home.