Kitchen Pantry Ideas

The kitchen pantry is an often overlooked feature of any home—but these kitchen pantry ideas will help you create a kitchen storage space that’s both stylish and extremely functional.


One of the main things to keep in mind when exploring kitchen pantry ideas is space. Anyone who’s experienced an overflowing, disorganized pantry knows that organization and efficiency are key here—otherwise you’ll end up spending way more time than you’d like searching for that mysteriously vanished can of soup.


A somewhat unique way to “create space” in your pantry is to make sure your shelves aren’t too deep. If this is the case, chances are you’ll be reaching to the far recesses of the pantry, over food stored from ages gone by, making  your kitchen storage  become more of a “pile” than a “pantry.” Shallow shelves allow for better organization, and for foods to be front-and-center and easily Accessible. Similarly, pullout or lazy-Susan-style shelves can help with accessibility


If your space can accommodate it, consider a recessed pantry, built into one of the kitchen’s walls. This low profile option is out of the way when you need it to be, but is always easily

Kitchen Elements used floor to ceiling full depth storage directly across from the island, making it easier to put groceries away.





Kitchen Elements offers its clients a wide range of options to help improve and make the most of your pantry space and storage needs in your kitchen. Ask a designer today for further assistance!