Lust For a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

I recently attended a Sub-Zero appliance training session at the beautiful Fretz showroom in Columbia, Maryland. At the training I had the opportunity to see and learn about the latest models of Sub-Zero Refrigerators. These appliances have so many impressive features; I walked away dreaming of the day that I could own one.

The presenter gave a striking demonstration of how Sub-Zero’s advanced technology preserves food (even quick to spoil food) longer. Two weeks prior to the training (she showed us the date on the store receipt) she purchased plastic containers of raspberries, blackberries and kale. We inspected these containers of fruit and veggies and honestly, they looked as if they were harvested on that very day. One attendee remarked that the berries seemed to have become fresher after being stored in the Sub-Zero. My personal experience with berries and any kind of leafy greens purchased in plastic containers has always been that within 5 days the greens smell awful and the berries look terrible. They usually end up in the trash or compost, which I absolutely hate to do. Apparently, most Americans end up doing the same thing. The average household throws away 500 pounds of food a year. Since Sub-Zero significantly reduces food waste, probably within 5 years, the refrigerator has paid for itself.

The quality of the Sub-Zero product (which by the way, is American made) is such that they reliably perform for over 20 years. Since they last approximately 56% longer than other refrigerators you ultimately save money by not having to replace your refrigerator as often. Since they are also made from largely recycled materials, a Sub-Zero refrigerator is both a money and landfill saver in the long run.

Did I also mention that they are beautiful and very customizable?  Sub-Zeros not only offer Stainless Steel doors, but also custom paneled doors in various widths and configurations. No matter what your kitchen design calls for, a Sub-Zero can intergrate into your scheme seamlessly.