Pros and Cons of Walk-in vs. Cabinet Pantries


f you’re designing your dream home or revamping your current space to give it the upgrade that it deserves, you may find yourself debating over a walk-in pantry, or cabinet pantry. Where some homeowners prefer walking into a nook with lined shelves, others would rather save the space and tuck their pantry items inside the kitchen cabinets. 

It’s a debate that’s only natural, but before you decide, check out the pros and cons of both styles! 

Walk-in Pantries

Pro: Extra Storage Space

Walk-in pantries often provide much more storage than cabinet pantries. With multiple shelves, they’re often large enough for dozens of ingredients, snacks, pots, pans, cooking appliances, and so much more! 

Con: Storage is Spread Out

Sometimes bigger isn’t better! With walk-in pantries your ingredients are more spread out, you may have trouble remembering where you put that one ingredient, and they can be a bit of a distance from your appliances and prep station. 

Pro: Store Larger Appliances

Walk-in pantries can often comfortably fit larger appliances such as microwaves, slow cookers, deep fryers, and more. This can clear up your counter space, providing you with more prep space for cooking and baking. 

Con: They Take Up Space

One of the biggest downsides to walk-in pantries is that they require a lot of space. Walk-in pantries can provide to be an obstacle for homeowners who are short on space and want to maximize every area of their home.

Cabinet Pantries

Pro: Centralized Storage

Cabinet pantries confine all of your snacks, ingredients, and more into a single space. Saving you time searching through shelves to find what you need, and giving you more time to cook. 

Con: Limited Storage Space

A single cabinet devoted to pantry storage won’t be enough for some homeowners, especially avid cooks! Cabinet pantries can offer limited storage options for those who need the extra space for their ingredients.

Pro: Save on Kitchen Space

Cabinet pantries are on the smaller side compared with walk-in pantries, which require a larger footprint, and dedicated area. For homeowners who are short on space, or want to maximize the use of their home, cabinets can be the perfect solution. 

Con: More Counter Space Used

If you’re designating cabinets as pantry storage, it’s best to be prepared to give up some counter space to store your appliances. Consider the size of your kitchen and the way that you cook when deciding, as this loss can impact the way that smaller kitchens function. 

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