Q: Why does a homeowner renovate?

A: There are three main reasons why most homeowners choose to renovate: 1) To enhance and more fully enjoy their home, 2) To modify their home for an impending sale and 3) To modify their home for a future sale, yet they plan to remain in their home for a period of years and enjoy the space.

Like all homeowners, your reason to remodel is important. If you’re planning an impending sale or future sale, you’d like to make the right choices for your future buyers and your family as long as you remain in your home. If you’re planning a remodel to create more enjoyment in your home, your investment of time, money and emotions should be realized in your completed space.

Your main reason (and supporting reasons) for remodeling will also affect all of your decisions throughout the process. For example, if you’re remodeling for an impending sale, you’ll likely make design choices that appeal to larger group of buyers, rather than selecting ones that solely suit your tastes.

In addition to the significance your reason to remodel carries, the experience of remodeling will impact your life. It will consume some amount of time, money and other resources to accomplish and, once it begins, will likely cause temporary disruption to your lifestyle and household. And, your expectations of how your project should progress and how the finished product should look and feel will impact every decision you make.

Remodeling is a significant undertaking for homeowners and understanding the reasons to remodel and other intangible elements that contribute to its success are worth considering.

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