Remodeling Installation

Although it is very important to select beautiful and high quality materials for any home remodeling project, do not underestimate the importance of a first rate installation.

Kitchen Elements strives to maintain an open mind with the client requests. In the past that has meant that when a client feels they can find lower labor costs with a plumber or contractor not associated with Kitchen Elements, we allow the client to hire a laborer of their own choosing.

Our flexibility with installation parameters too many times has back-fired, leaving us to re-think our policies. Several examples are as follows; a client hired us to renovate their master bathroom. The couple, wanting to reduce the cost of the job, hired their own plumber to redo the plumbing from the floor up to accommodate the new design and to bring their plumbing up to date.  Unfortunately, water flooded the bathroom and soaked down to the floor below ruining the ceiling and paint. Our clients will likely end up spending more money (and time) having to repair the drywall and paint, then if they had allowed our thoroughly vetted (20 years of service together) plumber to do the job.

Another customer determined to use a less expensive electrician for her kitchen remodel now has damaged cabinets because the electrician used screws that were too long to install under cabinet lights. The screws broke through the bottom shelves of all of her wall cabinets.

Also recently, another couple who was renovating their kitchen decided that in order to save money, they would install their own kitchen rather than use Kitchen Elements for installation. In the end, many of their cabinets were installed incorrectly and in the process of trying to correct the installation, they damaged their cabinets to the point that they had to purchase several new cabinets. Additionally, the counter top sat unevenly upon the incorrectly installed cabinets. After a lot of frustration and time spent, the clients hired our contractor to correct the errors of the initial installation.

Kitchen Elements has put together a team of qualified and skilled craftsmen to perform demo and installation. They have worked with us for many years and are very experienced and talented.  We have found that cost cutting measures often demonstrate the truth of the old adage, “you get what you pay for”.  Why pay for quality materials only to take a risk on installation?