Resurfacing Marble Counter Tops

When renovating our kitchen, we opted for the beauty of marble counter tops while down playing the warnings about how easily they stain and etch.  I took some precautions to protect the counter tops while cooking, but I failed to reseal them every six months as recommended.  Within a year, our beautiful counter tops were showing some wear and tear. They were covered in stains and glass rings and as a result, never looked clean.

Last week, we hired the Kitchen Elements stone and tile vendor to resurface and reseal the counters. Within about 2 ½ hours, our counters looked as good as new.  The process is not terribly messy or loud (my cats didn’t seem to mind the noise).  The cost depends upon the company you hire as well as the size of your counter space, but to me, it was well worth the cost.

In the future, I will reseal on my own, and if staining occurs again over time, I would not hesitate to resurface them again.