Setting Goals for your Bathroom Remodel

“We need more space.” That’s one thing most everyone can agree on when evaluating his or her current bathroom. And if the home is older, there likely is very little elbowroom in the ‘ole water closet. The typical shower in the typical house built 20 years ago was probably a 36” x 36” stall or 30” x 60” for a shower / tub combo, and it’s just not large enough bath remodel.

Another point most people identify as a key driver for remodeling the bathroom is the desire to update. The old bathroom looks—well, old. The fixtures are outdated. The tub is too small. They say, “We’ve put up with this for 15 years.” Chances are, how you are using that bathroom now and the way you’d like to use it after the remodeling is done are different. Sure, the basic activities will still take place there, but there’s probably something missing in the current design or layout that is bugging you.

Unlike a kitchen remodel, where you have one room to focus all your design efforts, your bathroom renovation depends on which bathroom you are remodeling. The space layout, finishes, and fixtures you choose for a master bath will be very different from what you want for a powder room.

As you start planning your project, identify the bathroom you want to remodel and take some time to consider your lifestyle and how the bathroom fits into the picture. Consider what bathroom features you need and want, your priorities and the life expectancy for the bathroom. Will you grow old in the home, or is this an update to freshen up the space? Think about what you want the bathroom remodel to accomplish

Once you get a better idea of your remodeling plan, explore bathroom designs that suit your needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re remodeling a master bath into a spa retreat or punching up a powder room to impress guests, find inspiration with Kitchen Elements.