Smart Appliances

Kitchen Elements - Smart Appliances

Technology continues to revolutionize appliances in the kitchen. Could it be that the next refrigerator you purchase is a “smart” refrigerator?

Depending on the brand and model of the refrigerator, the newest “smart” features available include:

  • A Touchscreen that allows for various functions; wi-fi connectivity, music streaming, television and movie viewing, recipe look up, message sharing between family members and calendar sharing.
  • A Transparent touchscreen door, which allows visibility into the refrigerator without opening the doors.
  • Water filter alerts.
  • Temperature control per drawer.
  • Interior cameras so you can check what you need to buy while at the store (too bad it can’t document who ate the last piece of cake).
  • Expiration date settings that notify you when an item is about to expire.
  • Ability to turn the ice maker on or off from your smart phone.
  • Voice activated door open and close.

These are exciting innovations, some of which I love, others that I could live without. Thankfully, there are lots of new refrigerators on the market that offer different “smart” features.