Spring Green Bathroom

Kitchen Bathroom- Spring Green Bathroom

This homeowner dreamed of a bright and fresh new bathroom for years as she saved her money. Her townhouse was equipped with a builder grade bathroom, and being a very discerning individual, this was not to her liking. The entirety of her home was very well appointed and Kitchen Elements had already renovated her kitchen.

For a year prior to the installation of her bathroom, the homeowner gathered the materials she loved that best meshed with the rest of her home.

Townhome bathrooms are generally small. The first space expanding decision was to exchange the French door entry into a 36” pocket door. Losing the door swing allows for shifting the plumbing episodes (tub, toilet, shower and sink) and gaining floor space that was previously lost to the door swing. The next solution was to enlarge the shower from a 36 x 36 stall to a 40 x 48 enclosed shower.  Shifting a wall four inches into the adjacent bedroom and using the tub deck extended as a shower bench provided a surface for the shower enclosure to be pushed out 12” from its original position.

The soaking tub, in its new location at the foot of the shower, lies perpendicular and in the location of the original toilet.

The toilet also was moved to a new location under the window are where the original soaking tub resided. An alcove is created, for privacy, by positioning cabinetry nearby.

Because of all of the reorganization of the plumbing, the sink was shifted closer to the window, and a trough sink was selected in lieu of two separate sinks. A trough sink can still accommodate two people side by side but saves counter top space.

The tile and the paint color selected for the project reflect the home owner’s love of the sea foam green color. Both the wall color and the glass floor are sea foam. The Q Stone countertop has sea foam glass specks embedded. It is nice to use man made quartz for a bathroom, because it is virtually indestructible and stain resistant. The glass floor is beautiful and unique. The wall tiles are textured with subtle waves of white reflecting the life giving properties of water. The iridescent backsplash reflects pearl, pink and green depending on the light.

There is something very fresh and clean looking about the totality of the elements incorporated into this space. The home owner is thrilled to start and end her day in such a beautiful and calming space.