Spring Tips-How to breathe new life into your kitchen


Even if the dull gray days of winter are not totally behind us and snow is still in the forecast for April, there is no reason not to bring touches of spring into your kitchen.

  • Beautiful indoor plants brighten any room. Often we don’t think of having plants in a kitchen unless there is a spot available in front of a sunny window. There are plenty of bright green plants that don’t require a sunny spot to thrive, and are sure to lift spirits. If you do have a sunny spot, potted herbs are perfect for the kitchen.
  • New brightly colored kitchen towels can also freshen up the kitchen. Get rid of the old stained towels and turn over a new leaf!
  • If you like a small rug by your kitchen sink to soften the floor, rugs are a great way to give a room a new look.
  • Spring is also a good time to replace cutting boards. Cutting boards usually get daily use and need to be replaced to prevent contamination of food.  Although plastic cutting boards are easier to sanitize, cutting on them also leaves lots of grooves where bacteria can hide. Wood is tougher to sanitize, but you won’t find as many deep scratches on the surface. There is something nice about starting the spring with fresh, unblemished cutting boards.
  • Could your kitchen window need a new window treatment or does your current window treatment need a good cleaning? Fabric window treatments in the kitchen absorb a lot of odors, even if you have a good vent fan. They also tend to get greasy and dirty, especially if you do a lot of cooking.
  • Finally, nothing breathes new life into a kitchen like a good through cleaning.

If these tips don’t help brighten your kitchen, it might be time for a renovation! Please call Kitchen Elements.