What surface material speaks to your kitchen’s design?

Choosing the right surface material for your kitchen with Kitchen Elements near Washington, DC 20002, including MD, VA, DCRemodeling a kitchen allows you to reveal your personal tastes through many details. Whether you would like to put eclectic hardware on your cabinets or choose a unique countertop, your traits will shine in some way. Before any remodel, homeowners will have the opportunity to meet with the Kitchen Elements team to define and select all the materials for the project. One significant selection that homeowners enjoy is choosing the countertop. Each countertop has a unique appearance that can appeal to all types of homeowners. Below is a list of popular countertop options that are chosen in the DC, MD, and VA area.

Homeowners continue to choose granite for its high-end appearance and durability against stains, making it the most popular option for kitchen countertops. Its many unique colors, patterns, and finishes appeal to homeowners.

Timeless and unique, marble is a gorgeous option for kitchens. What makes marble so unique is the vibrant color that Is not available in granite (a popular countertop option). Marble remains a high end option, unfortunately, stains and scratches can be a problem overtime if you do not maintain this material.

Another popular option for kitchen countertops is Quartz. The almost-maintenance-free surface material is a great option for the busy homeowner because it is heat, stain, scratch, and acid resistant.  Quartz is even offered in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Choosing the right surface material for your kitchen with Kitchen Elements near Washington, DC 20002, including MD, VA, DCWood
In contrast to the coolness of stone tops is the warmth of wood. There are many species of wood tops to choose from. Wood can lend both traditional or contemporary design appeal. Tops may be fabricated in edge grain, flat grain or end grain construction. Sinks are now also available in wood. Wood offers extreme customization.

Budget-conscious homeowners tend to choose laminate for surface material. This style of countertop is available in a wide variety of colors and designs to fit your personality and kitchen’s design. Laminate has come a long way since the 1950’s and is worth consideration for a practical and affordable option.

Although glass is an expensive choice, this style of countertop is available in many different colors, shapes, and textures. Homeowners who prefer a modern, sleek, and clean appearance for their kitchen often choose glass.This style of countertop is the most hygienic option for surface material, and it is stain-resistant.

Stainless Steel
Easy to clean and virtually impossible to stain, stainless steel is a common surface material for commercial applications. Homeowners may steer away from this type of countertop because it is too commercial, however, with the right design elements, stainless steel can add a lot of character to a residential kitchen. There are several finishes and textures that can be produced with stainless steel including mirror-polished, machine-hammered, brushed, and quilted.

If you desire unique and atypical qualities for your kitchen, it is worth considering zinc countertops. This style of countertop has recently become a trend in the design industry and is often used in seafood restaurants or bars. Similarly to stainless steel, zinc has silver and blue tones. However, as it ages, zinc can become a darker shade of blue. To maintain the color, you would need to seal the countertop periodically. The material is beautiful and unique, but homeowners should be careful with hot plates, as zinc is not as tolerable to high heat like other metals.

Unlike stainless steel, copper surface material is warm and feels less clinical or commercial. The warmth from copper will appear classic and rustic. Like pewter and zinc, though, copper will change in color as it ages. Copper is prone to dents and scratches, but it does possess antimicrobial characteristics (if it has not been sealed). This countertop is an inimitable option to consider.

Pewter is soft metal with non-porous and durable qualities that is a great alternative to stone countertops. This surface material will begin with a silver color, but overtime it will fade to a duller gray.  Due to its softness, pewter can be shaped into artistic designs that best fit the qualities of your kitchen. Although pewter does not stain or rust, this metal is prone to scratches.

At Kitchen Elements, we want to work with you to determine what brings out your personality and how to incorporate those traits into your home. Together, we can find the perfect elements for your kitchen.  To discuss design ideas for your next kitchen renovation project, contact Kitchen Elements, today!